Found My Way


In my middle school years I of course wanted to be nothing less than a million dollar a year making doctor. Then when I realized that was a far fetched dream, I settled on forensic pathology. For years I was stuck on it. Every time a family member asked what I planned to study or what I was interested in I immediately shot back with “FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST!!” with no honest idea of what that even was until I reached my sophomore year of high school.

When I finally got to high school I experienced many of the “drama” festivities, but for me it was something I couldn’t just brush off my shoulder. That’s where I discovered my true passion, psychology. I intensely battled with depression and fear of being unnoticed, despite my social butterfly personality. I spent what felt like forever searching for help from many many doctors. I was never able to find that person to help me. I couldn’t connect with someone on that much of a personal level, and I didn’t want to. I was always surrounded by friends, always going out and doing things with family. I never had time to be upset and to face was what burning inside me, and I was fine with that. That was my problem. I never had to be alone. Being alone and by yourself was something that I was completely a virgin too.

Coming to college, however, changed that. Every where I go I am surrounded by a sea of bodies, yet I’ve never felt so alone. I sit in class with 400 other people my age every day, yet I don’t recognize any of them. I don’t know any of their names, their goals, what TV shows they like. There have been days where I have gone the whole day with even opening my mouth, other than to brush my teeth. I expected college to be this social utopia, yet it’s a 111 sq. foot room covered in paintings from Pier One and a desk where there’s always a diet coke can. Being alone forces me to think, to think about anything. I think about whether or not I should cut my hair, ya know, change up the look. I think about my studies. I think about my relationships, and in this case, my non-existent relationships. Having so much time to think really does harm on the soul. However, I have finally come to terms with the occasional alone time versus my fear of isolation in my high school years. I’ve realized that I can fart when I want (JK). But I have really enjoyed being about to reflect on myself and to be the observer for once. Now, I’m not some anti-social, always in the library or locked in my room kind of college student. I do go out on occasion and make several trips to visit my military boyfriend and his friends.

Being in college has taught me how to be alone, and dissect a frog (which reminded me forensic pathology was not a good choice). And it has done the best at proving to myself that psychology is for me. Helping people that don’t know how to help themselves, is totally for me.

One thought on “Found My Way

  1. That’s great that you’ve found your calling. I found psychology classes, particularly abnormal psychology and neuroscience, to be pretty fun. If you ever do want to add more to your social life, you can also join a club. It may be in the middle of the semester, but most of the clubs that I’ve encountered are welcoming to newcomers any and all times. If you want any tips or advice regarding college, please feel free to visit my blog: Good luck! 🙂


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