Home for the (Hell)idays

I hate holidays.

Blunt, I know. But true. Holidays haven’t been fun for me since the younger days of pretending Santa came down the chimney and ate a couple cookies while stuffing our stockings with candy and toys. And even that ended quickly because of some asshole in the first grade.

My family moved to South Carolina when I was at age 10, away from any other family members, thus meaning we never really carried traditions like eating at grandmas for dinner on Christmas Eve or anything like that. It was just simply the four of us.

This year was my first year at college, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and the first year that I’ve lived in SC by myself as my parents divorced and both moved back to our home state, TN. So this was the first Christmas I’ve spent in TN in 8 years. And it is just mom, little brother, and I. Oh, and her new boy toy.. but let’s not go there just yet.

There’s nothing to look forward to this Christmas.. as any other. It’s just a reminder of my recently torn family, a struggling to get gifts as a broke college student (i.e. lots of glue gun burns from cheap crafting), and I’m without my lovely boyfriend this holiday as he is visiting family in Virginia. I can’t express how anxious I am to travel back to SC in the new year. I just bought a brand new car for myself and as I’m not looking forward to this 10 hour drive, at least I can do it in luxury, right?

Hope all you bloggers enjoy your holiday, as I’ll be enjoying the endless amounts of cheesecake and eggnog.


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