Why I hate University food workers

I understand that everyone has a bad day once in awhile, for some more than others, but regardless we all have bad days. And by bad days I mean that we want to want to sucker-punch not just anyone that we see, but the entire human population in general. It happens, we have bad days. Some people deal with their bad days by drinking a glass of wine after all is said and done (like me), and others deal with their worse days by being incredibly disrespectful to others.

At my University, there’s these cafeteria workers you could say, they work in all the dining halls, everyday, same people. I can’t even begin to explain to you how awfully rude the majority of them are. But, I’ll give it my best damn shot. You can literally be the happiest bible-thumping 2 pound blonde girl walking through their line, wishing them a great day, and you will be shut down faster than a trunk with a dead body in it. For example, everyday I deal with the same grumpy ” I hate my life and job and all you students” worker at the salad bar I mostly eat at for lunch, and everyday I try to be as nice as I can possibly be, and everyday she catches an attitude with me. However, this one day, this one day was very particular. As I waited in line to tell her how I would like my salad prepared, I listened as the girl ahead of me was ordering. And (not) shockingly, the lady was so rude as to YELL at her to not pause in between telling her what ingredients she wanted in her salad and to just keep talking and stop holding “the whole damn place up”, so already approaching this lady I was already irritable with her, and then she pulled the exact same attitude with myself. Rushing me through my order, forgetting half of the ingredients I asked her to add after she forced me to continue ordering, I stopped and as kindly as I could, (I may have been a tad loud too), said “I’m trying to give you enough time in between ingredients to actually put it in the bowl first because you keep skipping every other ingredient just as I watched you do with every other person that was ahead of me”, catching everyone’s attention it was then awkward but she finished my order, just as I liked it. One of the workers working by her side filling up ranch dressing bottles kindly grinned at me which made me assume she was probably bitchy to them as well. And I’m happy to say, that since that day I have not seen that grumpy salad tosser (pun-intended) lady anymore, and every day I get my salad made just as I like it and the lady that grinned at me that day kindly wishes me a good day.


To share, or not to share.

For about a week or so I have been going back and forth with the idea of making my blog public to my personal peers. Yes, I know it’s not on a private setting, but I have not shared this blog with anyone other than you randoms that found me while searching through different topics. Therefore, I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing my thoughts, feelings, annoyances, likes and dislikes with people that know more of me than just my picture on some blog. There are many pros and cons to sharing this and letting it be known that I occasionally blog. I blogged in high school once, and it was actually a really big hit. I had thousands of followers and even got paid for some of my posts! Cha-ching. BUT, it also had some negative aspects too, everyone I went to high school with knew me, like actually knew me. My thoughts, feelings, annoyances, likes and dislikes. It was weird. I walked in to the cafeteria everyday at school and felt has if people were looking through me, and they were. I had made the choice to share my most inner thoughts with people that I barely even knew, yet knew enough for it matter to me. Unlike you guys, these peoples opinions somewhat mattered at the moment just because I had to be surrounded by them day in and day out, in classes, sports, clubs, etc. That being said though, I’m in college now. And being in college is a lot different than being in high school. Instead of being with 1,000 students day in and day out whose names I knew all, I’m with 30,000 students everyday and I could probably tell you the names of a solid 30 of them. Here I don’t have to worry about walking to class and everyone I pass seeing through me and making me feel naked. And for that reason, I debate whether or whether not I should share this. I love the responses from people that know a little more of me so I feel the need to broadcast what I spend a good amount of my time doing ; blogging.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?


I feel the need to do some updating since I have not posted since the holidays, so I’ll ramble about some recent events in my life.

I’m a few weeks into my second semester of college and I can gladly say it is going a LOT better than my first. My grades are back to my normal A’s and B’s, minus one stupid fuckity fuck class where my TA is an incredibly cute asshole. Being back in the smart student gang though definitely has it’s ups.

I have discovered a deep and intense love, and not that middle school “hey in the hall way” love, a real passionate love. I love wine. Mostly the girly bitch wines like pinot grigio, but hey it’s still a wine. And thanks to my super cool boyfriend my window seal is now stacked with empty wine bottles and I’m almost never without a bottle when I get home from work.

A few weeks ago I caved and did another body modification. I got my second tattoo, a cliche cursive “lux in tenebris” on my left shoulder blade. It translates from Latin to “light in darkness”, which I got for my own reasons that I won’t go into on this post (we’ll save all that ‘feel bad for me’ shit for a later day).

I’m taking a studio art class this semester and it’s really got me back into doing my artwork and being creative. Not to to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty damn good. I can’t sing or play the guitar but my ass sure can draw.

I racked up $120 in parking tickets because I totally forgot I parked my car outside my apartment at a meter on a Sunday night and Monday that parking ticket guy went to town with my car. I’m staring at these (unpaid) tickets on my desk right now dreading paying them within the next couple of days, uhg. I honestly have a legit excuse for forgetting about my car, though. I was just getting off work and I had to pee incredibly bad. And because I live downtown, I have to park my car in a parking garage half a block from my building, and I just knew I wasn’t going to make it. So I parked at the meter because it was night time and it wasn’t running, came inside to do my business, and remembered my love for wine when I saw the bottle sitting on my desk. Oops.

Okay enough ramblings, there’s my life update.