I feel the need to do some updating since I have not posted since the holidays, so I’ll ramble about some recent events in my life.

I’m a few weeks into my second semester of college and I can gladly say it is going a LOT better than my first. My grades are back to my normal A’s and B’s, minus one stupid fuckity fuck class where my TA is an incredibly cute asshole. Being back in the smart student gang though definitely has it’s ups.

I have discovered a deep and intense love, and not that middle school “hey in the hall way” love, a real passionate love. I love wine. Mostly the girly bitch wines like pinot grigio, but hey it’s still a wine. And thanks to my super cool boyfriend my window seal is now stacked with empty wine bottles and I’m almost never without a bottle when I get home from work.

A few weeks ago I caved and did another body modification. I got my second tattoo, a cliche cursive “lux in tenebris” on my left shoulder blade. It translates from Latin to “light in darkness”, which I got for my own reasons that I won’t go into on this post (we’ll save all that ‘feel bad for me’ shit for a later day).

I’m taking a studio art class this semester and it’s really got me back into doing my artwork and being creative. Not to to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty damn good. I can’t sing or play the guitar but my ass sure can draw.

I racked up $120 in parking tickets because I totally forgot I parked my car outside my apartment at a meter on a Sunday night and Monday that parking ticket guy went to town with my car. I’m staring at these (unpaid) tickets on my desk right now dreading paying them within the next couple of days, uhg. I honestly have a legit excuse for forgetting about my car, though. I was just getting off work and I had to pee incredibly bad. And because I live downtown, I have to park my car in a parking garage half a block from my building, and I just knew I wasn’t going to make it. So I parked at the meter because it was night time and it wasn’t running, came inside to do my business, and remembered my love for wine when I saw the bottle sitting on my desk. Oops.

Okay enough ramblings, there’s my life update.


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