Why I hate University food workers

I understand that everyone has a bad day once in awhile, for some more than others, but regardless we all have bad days. And by bad days I mean that we want to want to sucker-punch not just anyone that we see, but the entire human population in general. It happens, we have bad days. Some people deal with their bad days by drinking a glass of wine after all is said and done (like me), and others deal with their worse days by being incredibly disrespectful to others.

At my University, there’s these cafeteria workers you could say, they work in all the dining halls, everyday, same people. I can’t even begin to explain to you how awfully rude the majority of them are. But, I’ll give it my best damn shot. You can literally be the happiest bible-thumping 2 pound blonde girl walking through their line, wishing them a great day, and you will be shut down faster than a trunk with a dead body in it. For example, everyday I deal with the same grumpy ” I hate my life and job and all you students” worker at the salad bar I mostly eat at for lunch, and everyday I try to be as nice as I can possibly be, and everyday she catches an attitude with me. However, this one day, this one day was very particular. As I waited in line to tell her how I would like my salad prepared, I listened as the girl ahead of me was ordering. And (not) shockingly, the lady was so rude as to YELL at her to not pause in between telling her what ingredients she wanted in her salad and to just keep talking and stop holding “the whole damn place up”, so already approaching this lady I was already irritable with her, and then she pulled the exact same attitude with myself. Rushing me through my order, forgetting half of the ingredients I asked her to add after she forced me to continue ordering, I stopped and as kindly as I could, (I may have been a tad loud too), said “I’m trying to give you enough time in between ingredients to actually put it in the bowl first because you keep skipping every other ingredient just as I watched you do with every other person that was ahead of me”, catching everyone’s attention it was then awkward but she finished my order, just as I liked it. One of the workers working by her side filling up ranch dressing bottles kindly grinned at me which made me assume she was probably bitchy to them as well. And I’m happy to say, that since that day I have not seen that grumpy salad tosser (pun-intended) lady anymore, and every day I get my salad made just as I like it and the lady that grinned at me that day kindly wishes me a good day.



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