Spring Broke

Spring break? More like spring BROKE.

While everyone else is soaking up the sun in Cancun, my 102 degree self is trying not to puke while stuck at work for the next week. If there’s any way I didn’t want to spend my break from school, this is definitely it. Stuck working for the next week as I always do, 6 days a week, I’m incredibly ill. I hate being an adult having to pay my own bills and pay my way through school, because I’d much rather have been able to take this week off of work and soak up some rays at the nearest beach with friends. But no, I’m Ashley and that just cannot happen. Uhg.

But It Could Be So Much Worse

Today an old friend of mine lost her father, just a few months ago she had lost her mother. As I looked at her posts on Facebook I couldn’t help but to admire her. Admire the way she talked about her parents in such a positive light, how strong she is to deal with such a pain. It made me think about how much I love my parents and how I don’t think I could ever go a single day knowing that not only one of them, but both of them are not somewhere on this planet.

I know I talk about this a lot, and if I don’t I probably just feel like I do, but my parents divorce felt like a death to me at the beginning. When I sit and think about it, I don’t talk to my dad often, and I talk to my mom every couple of weeks, but not as often as I use to. My father has made no efforts to contact me since I have come home from Christmas break, and before I came home it was just the same. I’ll call my mom whenever I’m not busy and feel like I haven’t heard her voice in awhile, but she works a lot so I don’t usual get an answer, or a call back. But she’ll call me occasionally and send texts every so often. I use to think that this was the worst relationship someone could have with their parents. The divorce didn’t just break up my mom and dad, it broke up our family too. None of us keep in touch like we should, we are all hurt in our own unique way.

But it could be so much worse.

Knowing that my parents, even if they are not together, even if WE are not together, are somewhere on this Earth puts me at ease. If I needed to talk to one of them I could easily do so. If I had an emergency I could easily pick up my phone and get their help. I’m so lucky to still have my parents, even if they aren’t together.

Side note: That’s my Pops and I! I couldn’t find a picture on my laptop with all three of us so I settled on this one.