I feel the need to do some updating since I have not posted since the holidays, so I’ll ramble about some recent events in my life.

I’m a few weeks into my second semester of college and I can gladly say it is going a LOT better than my first. My grades are back to my normal A’s and B’s, minus one stupid fuckity fuck class where my TA is an incredibly cute asshole. Being back in the smart student gang though definitely has it’s ups.

I have discovered a deep and intense love, and not that middle school “hey in the hall way” love, a real passionate love. I love wine. Mostly the girly bitch wines like pinot grigio, but hey it’s still a wine. And thanks to my super cool boyfriend my window seal is now stacked with empty wine bottles and I’m almost never without a bottle when I get home from work.

A few weeks ago I caved and did another body modification. I got my second tattoo, a cliche cursive “lux in tenebris” on my left shoulder blade. It translates from Latin to “light in darkness”, which I got for my own reasons that I won’t go into on this post (we’ll save all that ‘feel bad for me’ shit for a later day).

I’m taking a studio art class this semester and it’s really got me back into doing my artwork and being creative. Not to to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty damn good. I can’t sing or play the guitar but my ass sure can draw.

I racked up $120 in parking tickets because I totally forgot I parked my car outside my apartment at a meter on a Sunday night and Monday that parking ticket guy went to town with my car. I’m staring at these (unpaid) tickets on my desk right now dreading paying them within the next couple of days, uhg. I honestly have a legit excuse for forgetting about my car, though. I was just getting off work and I had to pee incredibly bad. And because I live downtown, I have to park my car in a parking garage half a block from my building, and I just knew I wasn’t going to make it. So I parked at the meter because it was night time and it wasn’t running, came inside to do my business, and remembered my love for wine when I saw the bottle sitting on my desk. Oops.

Okay enough ramblings, there’s my life update.

Home for the (Hell)idays

I hate holidays.

Blunt, I know. But true. Holidays haven’t been fun for me since the younger days of pretending Santa came down the chimney and ate a couple cookies while stuffing our stockings with candy and toys. And even that ended quickly because of some asshole in the first grade.

My family moved to South Carolina when I was at age 10, away from any other family members, thus meaning we never really carried traditions like eating at grandmas for dinner on Christmas Eve or anything like that. It was just simply the four of us.

This year was my first year at college, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and the first year that I’ve lived in SC by myself as my parents divorced and both moved back to our home state, TN. So this was the first Christmas I’ve spent in TN in 8 years. And it is just mom, little brother, and I. Oh, and her new boy toy.. but let’s not go there just yet.

There’s nothing to look forward to this Christmas.. as any other. It’s just a reminder of my recently torn family, a struggling to get gifts as a broke college student (i.e. lots of glue gun burns from cheap crafting), and I’m without my lovely boyfriend this holiday as he is visiting family in Virginia. I can’t express how anxious I am to travel back to SC in the new year. I just bought a brand new car for myself and as I’m not looking forward to this 10 hour drive, at least I can do it in luxury, right?

Hope all you bloggers enjoy your holiday, as I’ll be enjoying the endless amounts of cheesecake and eggnog.

The Secret Keepers

Mended Musings


I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to ask you to share this post. Reblog it, share it on Facebook, tweet it. Someone out there needs to hear this message today. Even if you think you don’t know anyone who has been abused. Even if you don’t read the entire post.

About a month ago I was asked by Dawn at WTF words, thoughts, feelings to contribute an essay for an anthology that she and Joyelle are creating for parents who are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse (learn more at https://www.facebook.com/TriggerPointsAnthology).

I submitted my essay but I also want to shine a bigger spotlight on this project because I fear that they may not get many submissions. Not because it’s not a worthy cause or because there aren’t enough people out there to contribute but because survivors of abuse are secret…

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Pains Within Pain

Normally when I begin writing a post, I can never think of a good relevant name until after the post is completely written. However, this one was a little different.

“They” say that writing things out, putting them into words, always makes you feel at least some what better. From what I’ve learned with my career choice, and what I have even been told by doctors is “Writing relieves.” For some reason being able to form your “indescribable feelings” into actual words and sentences eases our minds,  it eases our soul.

I’ve been at the “most unhappy period of my life” about 3 times in my short 18 years of existence. Right now, is one of those times. With the overwhelming expectations of college, relationships, family issues, money, and so much more I am at a loss for words. So pardon me as I try to put this into words.

If writing your feelings down, acknowledging their existence will relieve this pain then I have to give it a shot. So here it goes:

  1. I feel like I am incapable of my career.
  2. I hate that my parents recent divorce is consuming my thoughts.
  3. I constantly need attention from my boyfriend because I’m craving the love I no longer have from a functioning family.
  4. My legs are sore for reasons other than wearing my roller skates at Sonic.
  5. I’m pushing my boyfriend (the person that means the most to me) away because I don’t know how else to get his attention.
  6. I miss my dog.
  7. My dad won’t return my phone calls, which makes me feel like he’s not just divorcing my mom.. but their divorcing me too.
  8. A big cup of coffee doesn’t solve all my problems anymore.
  9. I quit smoking months ago, and recently picked it back up. Gross.
  10. I’m tired of working 6 days a week and being broke ALL.THE.TIME. I worry about my single mother living 10 hours away, and help with our bills when I can because I know she’s not on her feet yet.
  11. Not gonna lie, sometimes I think about how easy, yet hard, it would be to just end all of this and not have to ever sit in the bottom of my tiny stand up shower and cry ever again. (Not that I will go to that extreme, but I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind).
  12. I feel like I don’t fit in with society, and I’m not good enough or worthy.

So there it is, my most dominant feelings put into words, numbered even!

Do I feel better? Not the slightest. Maybe it takes time? I guess time will tell. As of write now, all these little pains are within the big pain of living and I’m just trying to easy my mind.

I want my feet anchored.

All my life I have put myself into the wrong relationships, whether it be with boys, friends, and even family. It seems to be this unavoidable occurrence in my life.

Recently, (well about a year ago) I removed myself from a 2 year long controlling, cheating, self-esteem lowering, wrong, and every other negative adjective in the dictionary, relationship. It from cute notes on my windshield after work to “You cannot wear that dress.” and “What was that $80 charge on your bank account?” It was an awful breakup, but an even more awful relationship. Despite that though, I ended it. I realized where I wanted my life to go and the type of person I wanted it to be with and I moved on. Exploring the single life for awhile was a huge eye opener for me. It gave me time to focus on me and building myself back up after 2 years of a declining relationship.

Then, I met my SOUL MATE. I have never felt so complete in my entire life, kinda weird to say as we are only 5 months into our relationship, but hey whatever. I’ve never been able to be so honest with someone in my entire life and to be able to connect with someone so different from me. Needless to say, it’s awesome.

Now in the beginning of relationship, before you could really call it that, there was a hiccup. Recently though that hiccup has turned into quite the belching burp for me. I’ve been beginning to feel more insecure about myself as the relationship continues. Now, my significant other has not wronged me since, and honestly does so much for me and our relationship, but I can’t seem to hold my breath long enough to get rid of this hiccup. I am beginning to notice the slightest of upsetting things that normally I would just brush off my shoulder and never bring up, but I cannot help but to wonder, am I in the wrong relationship again? Admitting that I have those thoughts even feels so wrong, because I am so deeply in love with this person and believe that I am in the right relationship (other than these occasional thoughts). I know I am beginning to push myself away even when I know all I want is to anchor my feet. 

Found My Way


In my middle school years I of course wanted to be nothing less than a million dollar a year making doctor. Then when I realized that was a far fetched dream, I settled on forensic pathology. For years I was stuck on it. Every time a family member asked what I planned to study or what I was interested in I immediately shot back with “FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST!!” with no honest idea of what that even was until I reached my sophomore year of high school.

When I finally got to high school I experienced many of the “drama” festivities, but for me it was something I couldn’t just brush off my shoulder. That’s where I discovered my true passion, psychology. I intensely battled with depression and fear of being unnoticed, despite my social butterfly personality. I spent what felt like forever searching for help from many many doctors. I was never able to find that person to help me. I couldn’t connect with someone on that much of a personal level, and I didn’t want to. I was always surrounded by friends, always going out and doing things with family. I never had time to be upset and to face was what burning inside me, and I was fine with that. That was my problem. I never had to be alone. Being alone and by yourself was something that I was completely a virgin too.

Coming to college, however, changed that. Every where I go I am surrounded by a sea of bodies, yet I’ve never felt so alone. I sit in class with 400 other people my age every day, yet I don’t recognize any of them. I don’t know any of their names, their goals, what TV shows they like. There have been days where I have gone the whole day with even opening my mouth, other than to brush my teeth. I expected college to be this social utopia, yet it’s a 111 sq. foot room covered in paintings from Pier One and a desk where there’s always a diet coke can. Being alone forces me to think, to think about anything. I think about whether or not I should cut my hair, ya know, change up the look. I think about my studies. I think about my relationships, and in this case, my non-existent relationships. Having so much time to think really does harm on the soul. However, I have finally come to terms with the occasional alone time versus my fear of isolation in my high school years. I’ve realized that I can fart when I want (JK). But I have really enjoyed being about to reflect on myself and to be the observer for once. Now, I’m not some anti-social, always in the library or locked in my room kind of college student. I do go out on occasion and make several trips to visit my military boyfriend and his friends.

Being in college has taught me how to be alone, and dissect a frog (which reminded me forensic pathology was not a good choice). And it has done the best at proving to myself that psychology is for me. Helping people that don’t know how to help themselves, is totally for me.

Great, you have followers. Now what?

The Daily Post

For most of us, the thrill of clicking “publish” on a blog post has a less-pleasant side effect: the dread that it will fall alone in the online forest, unread and unheard. Eventually, though, someone else will wander through your neck of the woods — probably a few someones. Followers!

Now what?

Keep up the good work.

When we realize we have an actual, not-just-our-best-friend audience, some of us freeze up a little. It’s one thing to publish a post, but another to know that people — strangers, even! — are actually paying attention. Many bloggers fall into one of two common traps that seem like smart decisions, but undermine your success.

  1. Pushing yourself to post more frequently. Your audience already likes your current pace, and making yourself blog more will only lead to burnout. If you’re inspired to create more, awesome! But there’s no need to force it for your audience.

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Dumbest thing I ever did to make my life better?

What is the dumbest thing that you have ever done to improve your life? My answer, is go to college.

I’m a freshman at the University of South Carolina, upon coming here I was stoked. SO ready and excited to live the college life with no supervision or bedtimes and ordering pizza at 3am. Schoolwork was the least of my worries because college work was nothing new to me. In high school I was quite the brainiac, always making A’s, getting honor roll, the whole nine yards. I even took college level courses my senior year as to get ahead of the game. Completely to my surprise, college has been one of the most difficult periods of my life. I’m originally from Tennessee, but 8 years ago my immediate family moved to Charleston, SC. Being the only family we had in the whole state we were a close knit family. However, the summer before I came to college my parents decided on a sudden and unexpected divorce. As soon as I moved to Columbia, SC to attend school my family made a big move as well. Back to Tennessee. Thus, leaving me in this state completely.. abandoned. It tore me apart like a pit bull with a chew toy. Focusing on school work became, impossible. I learned what it was like to not be in control for the first time in my life. No matter how hard I tried, or how hard I studied, the grades just would not happen. As I said before, I was a student used to make A’s with the occasional B. Now in college I’m a steady C maker and in some classes, hoping for a D. Never in my life have I been so focused on a life I know longer had that it affected my grades. Not to mention, I had to make friends. I am a very social person so making friends shouldn’t be hard to do, however when you spend all of your first few weeks at college preoccupied with the well being of your family and praying to a God that you don’t believe in that a miracle will happen, you tend to focus less on the social aspect of college. Which, let me tell you, those first few weeks are what is going to make or break the rest of the school year when it comes to your social life. After moving in and getting settled, most people are going door to door up and down the dorm halls meeting each other and making acquaintances. For myself, that is, I stayed in my room trying to piece my life back together as I watched it untangle right before my eyes.

The whole reason behind college is to better your life for yourself, to be able to get a solid career, and ultimately, to make lots and lots of money. With everything that has been going on in my life lately, it seems practically impossible. How do people do this? Here I am, a psychology major, and I can’t even help myself with my own problems. How am I suppose to help others with theirs? That’s all I want to do with my life is to guide others and I can’t even get my own head straight to make the grades to do that. College is suppose to be where you build the foundation for the rest of your life, and I’m literally starting off a foundation of pure nothingness. No family. No friends. No positive grades. No money. Never in my life I felt more anxious, frustrated, insecure, trapped, and alone.

The thing I have done to better my life, which is go to college, has put me hours and hours away from my family and ruined my confidence in the social scene. Ironic.

Really depressing for a first post, I know, and there is no purpose to you readers, but this is just simply an outlet for me to get some things off my chest. Hopefully, my inner psychologist will come out in later blog posts and I can benefit you in some way. Until then, feel free to give me your advice as I could really benefit from some myself.